Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who says you have to stay inside when its raining!?!?

Brax loved playing out in the rain! He was SOAKED!
Here he is chowing down on a Laffy Taffy and cheesin' for the camera

Not Something I Wanted To Hear

Ok seriously......WHY?!?! Just found out that my trip to New York has been cancelled because of this ugly thing!!!!!!!!!!! Even the Dallas Fort Worth Airport has been shut down!!!! I am not even going to tell you my opinion on this whole Swine Flu, because I could go on and on, and I really don't feel like gripping! So yell, stick your tongue out, etc. at this ugly thing. I just got done, it helped a little ;p

Hoping we can reschedule trip to New York..........

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love, Love, Love these Girls!!!!

Today we had our weekly-Wednesday-party lunch! It was sooo good to see all of you. It had been a couple of weeks since we had all gotten together :( but we sure did make up for it today. Also we had a special suprise....Little Miss Landy Lou joined us!!! her and she has this sweetest lil smile and giggle that will brighten your day! Love you girls and can't wait til next week.

(I had my work camera so these pics don't do any justice. My work camera SUCKS!)

Anyways hope you enjoy!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A smile can say a 1000 words I needed to see my son's smile today! It has been another one of those "rough" days and oh how I wish I could give my son the biggest hug right now, and tell him how much I love him. Amazes me how life, work, stress, etc. can take so much out of you, but then I will stop and think about my son.....and know that it is all worth it in the end!!! Life, work, stress, nothing, can take away the way I feel when I am around my son! I took this picture and video last night before bedtime. Brax's smile will melt my heart and looking at it right now made me feel so much better!!!!!!

Brax knew I was videoing taping him that is why he was kind of acting a lil shy!!! Usually he is talking non stop and he knows all the words and pictures to this book!!!! Brax said he wanted to read me a story tonight.

(just a note...if you are going to watch the video turn the volume down a lil, I kind of scream a tiny bit with excitement from my son showing me where the duck, and it is really LOUD on the video)


I need to ask a favor of you all. Please, say a prayer for me! They are really needed at this time. I need courage & strength to get through this. One day I know...everything will be better!!!!!!

Thanks, Megan

Friday, April 24, 2009

Awwww the PAIN!!!!!!!!!

Need I say more....

Suffering the pain & soreness for THIS---

It will all be worth it! I am so excited about taking my son on vacation!!!! He is going to have a blast there & they even have a kids waterpark on the resort. Brax is going to love the beach! Got his passport yesterday and he was ready to go right then!!!
I think Brax and I deserve a little R&R after everything....

P.S. Thanks Becca for all your help you don't know how much I appreciate it

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Attack, Scooter, Rocks, Road Kill, COP, Smiles, Laughter...

Oh whatttaaa night it was! Here are some pics of Brax riding his favorite toy, his scooter...aka plasma car. You have seen a post of him before on this thing, and by his expressions you sure can tell how much he loves it!!!!

Yeah, you see a diaper...I know :(

I tried - remember!!!

SPLAT!!! So you see up in the header...cops eh?!?! Well, let me tell you the story. We were in the neighborhood out riding his scooter, me taking pics, having a blast, then we found this ditch. It had some rocks there and lil pond of water-absolutely perfect for a kid!!!! What's better- their toys, or throwing rocks in water ;) eh hmmm...I agree Rocks in water. Anyways, we were having a good oh time, then a cop pulled up. Yep you heard me right, a COP!!!!

The COP walked over to us (mind you while Brax is throwing rocks in the water) with a smile on his face and said "Sooooooo you two are the trouble makers?!?!"

ME-"Excuse me Officer"

COP-"There were some people in the neighborhood that called and said there is a lil boy out riding his scooter in the street and the mom is taking pictures and it is very dangerous watching this"

ME-" Sir, I was running right beside him and when a car came by we got over. Don't parents take their children on bike rides while walking right beside them?"

COP- "(laughing out loud) U are most certainly right, just remember I have to attend to all calls, sounds like these people don't have anything better to do than to sit at their windows and watch people go by"

Brax walks up-"what's up folice (police) sir"

COP-"Hey lil man, you sure are a good thrower"

Brax-"You want to skip wocks (rocks) with me?"

COP-"I sure can, I will show you how I can skip a long ways"

So after a lil fun skipping rocks in a ditch with a COP...the COP leaves and said "you folks have a good night"

Ok, what just happened here; Don't people have better things to do like watch American Idol or something :P Give me a break!!!! Onto our next event of the night.....see below

Well, there really isn't a story to this one but


Ok onto next event this is a story trust me...see below
We got home from our, what you call it-"eventful night" I would say....and found a wasp in the house!!!! Ugh!!!!!! It was on the ceiling, so I grab the old trusty broom out of the closet and go in for my attack. Then it went inside the lamp. I still can't get a hand on this sucker.

Meanwhile Brax is yelling "Mom I help, I save you" (isn't he sweet) All I could think about was this thing stinging Braxton, not something I wanted to see. Finally, got a hold of the wasp and beat it with the broom. Took the thing (wasp) outside and beat it some more. Thought the thing was DEAD, but then Brax yells "Momma its wiggling" So, I start beating it again and again, finally the head comes off. Whoooooo-VICTORY!!!! I thought my fight was over, nope notta....the lil sucker was still trying to fly!!! So, the beating continues...........FINALLY I WON THE FIGHT and the thing (wasp) gave up.

My poor $5 broom got more of a beating than the wasp did :(

Sweet Stellan

Have you seen the link; blogger button-Praying for Stellan ?
Well, if you haven't please read his story. Just a thought to help a friend out.....You might want to grab a kleenex before you open up their blog.
There are a lot of professional medical terms with Stellan's condition that I probably wouldn't describe right or have a clue what they mean. Here is the short version of Stellan's story......when his mother was 20 weeks pregnant with him they found out he had heart problems, he wasn't suppose to live, even make it full term....but he did! He was born and the doctors said he wouldn't make it very long at all-Stellan proved them wrong again. He is 5 months old now and he has a heart condition where his heart beats to fast. He had a surgery yesterday that was very risky and he fought through it!!!!!!!!!! God is GREAT!!!!! Please read his story and look at how people from all around the world are praying for him and sending him pictures!!!!! Everyone wore orange in his honor yesterday. I had to let Stellan know that we were praying for him in Arkansas!!!!!

I should have used computer paper so u wouldn't see my scrap notebook paper, but wasn't thinking at the time, was too busy praying for Stellan!!!! Words, prayers and thoughts are what counts not the way it looks :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

An Evening with Brax

Potty training day #3 went really well, but day #4....well let's not talk about it?!?! All I can say is a 2.5 year old has a mind of their own and they are going to do what they want-when they want! I think we can all agree with that, right?

After work since it was so pretty outside, Brax and I went downtown to check out the trains, the river, park, etc. Of course I can't leave without my camera :) We had a blast! Here are some pics from this evening!

Brax followed this lil furry creature around everywhere tonight
I have a picture of my dad when he was Brax's age standing by a train track-they look identical! Brax is looking more and more like my dad everyday! I will have to dig the picture out and post the comparison

"No more pic's Momma!"