Monday, May 25, 2009

Missing you.....

Ok, Mommy is missing you sooooo much...and it has only been 3 days!!!! I DID get to talk to you today and let me tell ya...U sure do know how to brighten my day! "Momma you there, I go real fast on Ranger, and I get stuck, Momma I wub (love) you, you ok? I miss you I will talk to you later!!!!" is so hard to hang up the phone. Just hearing your voice and knowing that you are smiling and laughing sure does make Mommy feel good!!! I miss everything about you! You being all boy and running through the mud, you acting like a Monster Truck, your smiles, your laughter, your XOXO, your pouts when I didn't cut up your pancakes right, you telling me "I do it all by myself"......ok I could go on & on. Better get me another box of kleenex's....until next time Brax I can't wait to see you!!!!!!!

Love, Mommy

Friday, May 22, 2009

U are thought of every second!!!!!

Thursday night Brax & I wanted to have the fam over...especially since Brax wasn't going to be around for a couple of weeks :' ( We ordered pizza and played outside! What a great night it was!!! After work, Brax wanted to ride with his Papa, he sat in the front seat of his truck and loved every second of it. Nana rode in the back and he would turn around and say "Nana you ok back there" Soooo sweet!Brax loves his Uncle Stacy!!!!!!I really don't like to post pics of myself, but I had to share this pic....Brax took it all by himself with my good camera! He even focused with the lens! Wow...I love my boy! This Pic is.....PRICELESS!
I am only going to say a few words, because I don't want to go through another whole box of kleenex's. Braxton, I want you to know that you are loved soooo MUCH! You are such a special lil boy and bring so much happiness into so many lives!!! These two weeks without you are going to be so hard for me (Mommy)! You are my life and I am going to miss your laughter, you telling me which way to go while driving, your sweet kisses, you telling me its time for me to cook you dinner, you saying "Good Norning, (Morning) sleep good?", and especially our I love you's!!! I could go on & on about you Braxton!!! I know you are going to have the best two weeks! For knowing that...Mommy will be just fine. Papa, Nana, Uncle Stacy, PP, Riley all love you and miss you already! I know you are smiling right now, and we are all smiling right back at you!!!! See you soon Brax!
Love, Mommy

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ella's ONE!!!

Here's Sweeeet Baby Ella!!! Awww...I could just eat her up! She is a perfect mixture of both Mommy & Daddy! She has the sweetest smile and I loved watching her dance. Thanks Eric & Lindsey for letting me capture these priceless moments of your daughter!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Twice the Fun

I Absolutely L-O-V-E these twin boys Harper & Henry!!! You would think they did everything the same, but they are completely different. Harper is very careful and observant, and Henry is very let loose and carefree. Those blue eyes they have.....AWWWWW will just melt your heart! I did NOT get a shot of the twins together : ( They were following Braxton around everywhere and wanted to do everything he did. Brax loves playing with them. He even helped change a diaper (well maybe two) and get their PJ's on. Soooo sweet! I took these shots of the Twins while Mommy was helping big brother use the BIG BOY POTTY!!! GO ASHTON!!!

Thank you Les for was DELICIOUS!

You are quite the griller ; )

We had soooo much fun as always!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ashton & Braxton

Ashton & kind of hard to say especially for 2 lil boys!!! They tend to call themselves by their own names. So us Mommy's (me & Leslie aka decided to have the boys call each other Brax and Ash. Well, Ash does pretty well saying Brax, but Braxton on the other hand is finding it quite challenging. He calls him "A$$" ;) Hey whatever works right! We had a blast over at the Alder's residence. The boys were all smiles and full of laughter!!! Ashton introduced Braxton to the plasma car and he is HOOKED! You can tell by all my posts, he is always on that thing. Seeing these two boys on their cars is hilarious!
Check out those tongue's!!! Total concentration
Russ & Leslie have this huge swing in their backyard.
Awww...Brax is in love with that swing. He loves going way up high.
I think we have 2 lil dare devils on our hands : p
They want to go higher and higher everytime.
Thank you guys for another great night full of priceless memories!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Meet Lara & Brandon....they got Engaged a month ago in Seattle!!!
Lara, had absolutely no clue and she was so suprised! Congratulations you two, I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness!!!

Here's a sneak peek from their engagement shoot!
L&B....thanks for stepping in the mud and not worrying about getting your feet wet ;)