Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a $1 worth of balloons will do.....

What a night we all had. Last Friday my bro-in-law had his 20 year high school reunion (oldie). Anyways I told Piper & Stacy that I wanted Riley to stay the night w Brax and I. Oh what fun we had (I promise no sugar Piper)!!!! Anyways we went over to Natalie's house (aka Nat Nat as Brax calls her) for dinner and a water balloon fight. I tell ya, a $1 goes a long ways on balloons. The kids had a blast and so did we!!!! We loved seeing their faces when we chased them with the balloons. U see Brax's shorts...hehe?!?! He was so upset at me that I didn't bring him any "swim shorts" b/c all the other kids had their swimming clothes on...oops!!! So, he borrowed a pair of Layla's shorts, and well ugh-they fell off of him. So Nat Nat had a great idea to tie a rubber band around the shorts. Great thinkin Nat! Brax might look funny in the shorts, but he was so excited when they finally stayed up.

This was before Nat Nat figured out the rubber band trick :)

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