Friday, August 21, 2009

Another surgery?

Again, I have been blogless here! I promise once we get back into the whole school routine, and work dies down, pics have been ordered, etc...I am back to blogging all the time!!!! I can't wait either, Brax has changed so much and he started school this last Monday. He absolutely loves it and it so priceless seeing his smiling face when I pick him up. "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy...I made you a picture, I had so much fun"!

Last week Brax came down with the 24/hour stomach bug. I just knew I was going to get it, but a week had passed and NO sickness for me...whewww!!! I had a business meeting Tuesday night and everything changed, I became sick (at my meeting ha, my boss loved that) !!!!!! Ughhhhhh it was miserable! Well, Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday were not the best days. But I thought I am almost over it, counting down the 24 hours. Well, Wed night after getting Brax to bed, I started having these horrible pains in my stomach (same as when I had my appendix taken out). Also my stomach was swelling like I had swallowed a kid ;p I got Brax off to school Thursday morning and came back home. I thought maybe if I slept, the pain would go away....ha was I wrong AGAIN, it got worse! So off to the doc I go.....after X-rays, blood work, urine tests, etc. Megan has ENLARGED SPLEEN!!! WTH, I made sure that there was no Appendix in there b/c I was going to be mad, I have all the doctor bills to prove it. The viral infection caused acids and blood cells to attack my spleen. Have you ever heard such a thing? I am not saying all of this in correct doctor terms, but from all the medicines being injected in my yesterday this was all I understood!!!!

The doctors were very concerned on the size, and the swelling. I was hooked up to an IV, and got some med's to make the swelling go down, plus the pain was being managed. I had more tests run, one doctor said I was going to have my spleen removed! I was thinking " I am not going to have anymore organs left"!!!!! Anyways after a long day of being told this, and being told that, NO SURGERY!!!!! Whooooooo!!!!! I was told that if the pain came back to not hesitate and get straight to the ER! Your spleen is suppose to be the size of your fist, mine was the size of a small watermelon. So paint a pretty picture!!!! Have a great day, I know I am...I feel great and I can't wait to be with my son this weekend!!!!!

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  1. I am so sorry you've been going through these health issues. Not fun at all when you are trying to parent a very active little guy on your own. Glad you are feeling better though and hope it doesn't come back.